Car Seat Safe Ponchos

Travel safely! Our car seat safe ponchos allow you to securely buckle your little one in, without the dangerous bulk of a regular winter coat coming between them and their seat harness.

To use: flip up the back of the poncho over your child’s car seat, buckle the harness snug against their body, adjust the chest clip to armpit level, tighten it, and lay the front of the poncho over top of the straps like a blanket. It’s truly as simple as that.

This allows for a quick and easy transition in and out of the car, without having to fumble around with redressing kids in a cold parking lot. You simply help them out of their seat, and snap the side-snaps, and you are good to go!

Travel safely!

Inseam Pockets & Hidden Care Tags

We’ve added inseam side pockets to all of our ponchos (not including 6mo hoodless sizes)

These allowed us to offer a truly seamless, and “tagless” design. We’ve tucked our sizing and care tag into the pocket, so no more tags at the back of the neck! This style of pocket also blends in flawlessly with the exterior design, and is accessible whether the poncho is worn with either side facing out.

Adult Ponchos

Now you can match your little one! Available in all prints and styles currently offered for our child sizes.

Our adult ponchos, which are fit for both men and women, feature snaps down the front. In addition to a tapered style body panel, to offer a more stylish drape on taller frames. Also with generously sized inseam pockets to tuck your hands in on cold days, or carry those extra items you always end up fumbling around with.