Car Seat Safe Ponchos

Travel safely this season! Our car seat safe ponchos allow you to securely buckle your little one in, without the dangerous bulk of a regular winter coat coming between them and their seat harness.

Bulky sweaters and coats can be a hazard in the event of a crash, putting your child at risk of serious injury, ejection, or worse. Our ponchos keep your children warm and cozy in and out of the car, while still allowing you to properly and securely buckle them into their car seats and/or booster seats.

All of our ponchos meet CPSC safety compliance regulations, are a CPST recomended product, and are all 100% handmade here in Easton, PA.

To use: flip up the back of the poncho over your child’s car seat, buckle the harness snug against their body, adjust the chest clip to armpit level, tighten it, and lay the front of the poncho over top of the straps like a blanket. It’s truly as simple as that.

This allows for a quick and easy transition in and out of the car, without having to fumble around with redressing kids in a cold parking lot. You simply help them out of their seat, and snap the side-snaps, and you are good to go!

Inseam Pockets & Hidden Care Tags

We’ve added inseam side pockets to all of our ponchos (excluding 6mo hoodless size) so no more tags at the back of the neck! These allowed us to offer a truly seamless, and “tagless” design, and is accessible whether the poncho is worn with either side facing out.


With our care tags now relocated to the pockets, our ponchos are now seamlessly reversible, featuring a print or sherpafleece on one side, and a solid colored fleece on the reverse. We also use reversible/duble sided side snaps, to easily snap and unsnap the sides no matter which is facing out.

Adult Ponchos

Now you can match your little one! Available in all prints and styles currently offered for our child sizes.

Our adult ponchos, which are fit for both men and women, feature front snap closures, in addition to a tapered body panel to offer a more stylish drape on taller frames. With a fit that is maternity and breastfeeding friendly, as well as baby wearing, this poncho is our go-to for it all. With generously sized inseam pockets that now feature snap closures to tuck your hands in on cold days, or safely secure those extra items you always end up fumbling around for.

Adult sizes are listed within each individual poncho listing.

Puppy Ponchos

Because your pups need to bundle up too, and what better way to do that, then to match you and your kiddos?! Topped with a cozy sherpa fleece collar, our puppy ponchos are also completely reversible, with a buttonhole for leash/harness access, and 7-way adjustable snap closures on the waist and chest bands. They also feature a back pocket as well, to tuck in any necessary items for your outings, such as waste bags, treats, etc.

Wheelchair Ponchos

While our ponchos were originally intended primarily for car seat use, over the years we have tailored our design and expanded our range to cater to a wider variety of uses; including maternity wear/baby wearing, and wheelchair use. Sizing is determined solely on height (arm length can also be used for sizing purposes as needed). If you are unsure of fitment, or would like assistance on sizing recommendations based on your specific needs/requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we would be happy to help ensure the best fit possible.