About Us

Hi! I started this business in 2016 out of our home in Easton, PA , named after my two children at the time, Otto and Odette. I ran it off our dining room table-turned-sewing studio for the first few years, and we have since expanded our family, adding Odon to the mix in early 2019, and moving into our new shop behind our house, which has been lovingly dubbed the Poncho Palace, in 2020.

We are a small family owned and operated business. With nearly 40 years experience combined in the automotive performance and restoration business, upon the arrival of our first child in 2013, we also found a passion for all things child safety.

As a family that spends a lot of time traveling, driving, building, and enjoying cars, we felt it our obligation to ensure we do that as safely as possible with our children in tow. So when we happened upon something called a car seat poncho, it seemed like the perfect solution to our traveling needs during the colder months. And with our never ending need to create, we drafted our own design that we felt offered the best of all aspects of design, function, and comfort.

We have been sewing and perfecting our car seat safe ponchos since 2016, based on customer feedback and our own personal experience with our own 3 children. If our ponchos help keep even one child safe, then we’ve done our job.

All production is done here in Easton, PA, by myself, my husband, and an amazing team of local seamstresses. From design and draft, cut and sew, to pack and ship, everything is done here in-house.

We have recently gone back to our automotive roots, and have added a new line of OEM style replacement seat skins for the Mitsubishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth. These cars are how my husband and I met over 17 years ago, and they have continued to be a true passion of ours, and our area of expertise in the automotive world.

We started making these kits because we were in need of oem replica seat skins for restoration work going on in our automotive shop, but could not find any source for replacement skins that could meet our needs for factory matched color, quality, design, and material. And to ensure quality to the top degree, all work is done here in our shop.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, feedback, etc. We love to hear from you!

Emilie Coppola, President, Otto & Odette LLC