About Us

Hi! I started this business in 2016 out of our home in Easton, PA , named after my two children at the time, Otto and Odette. I ran it off my dining room table-turned-sewing studio for the first few years, and we have since expanded our family, adding Odon to the mix in early 2019, and moving into our new shop behind our house, which has been lovingly dubbed the Poncho Palace, in 2020.

We have a team of amazing local seamstresses who we contract with to help us manage production. Most of these women have been with us since about 2017/2018. They are all local moms who are just as excited and passionate as I am about what we do. And I couldnt do this without them.

My amazing husband, Hans, manages our fabric and product inventory, and does all of our cutting with his big manly fabric saw (cue Tim Allen grunt!) He also steps in to help snap, package and ship as well.

We have a phenomenal team that has all grown together over the years to make sure what you receive exceeds your expectations.

So, thank you for shopping with us, and trusting us to clothe your children!

Emilie Coppola, President, Otto & Odette LLC